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Celtic Cross Spread

Celtic Cross Spread


1 – (beneath the 2 card) Basis of the situation. It represents the general tone of the reading and identifies the problem for the querent.

2 – Crosses the situation. This card shows the challenges or obstacles that are facing the querent.

3 – Subconscious. The true nature of how the querent feels about the matter.

4 – The Past. Events of the recent past that will have influence or effect on the matter at hand.

5 – Conscious. The querents known feelings, which should be read in conjunction with card 3.

6 – The future. Something that will come to pass in the near future.

7 – The querent. The attitude and influence of the querent, and the role they play in the situation.

8 – The environment. The surroundings of the querent in this situation (possibly reflecting family, friends or work relationships).

9 – Hopes and Fears. This card shows how the querent is feeling about the possible outcome of the situation.

10 – Final Outcome. This is how the situation will play out.