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Astrology Aspects

Aspect Angles – Their Symbol and Signature

Aspects and values seen within a chart often lead to an accurate assessment of the gifts and potentialities that even the native herself/himself may be unaware of. The stars and planets do not dictate but rather indicate what may be. The choice is always within the individual.

conjunction symbolCONJUNCTION:

Two planets “kissing” or within 8 degrees of one another. The effect is an emphasis and blending of the characteristics inherent in the two planets and their respective house positions.

square symbolSQUARE:

Two planets are 90 degrees from one another or three signs apart. The effect is a challenge presented to the native. The choice is a fight or flight response which leads to accomplishment or growth in some form.

opposition symbolOPPOSITION:

Two planets that are 180 degrees from one another or six signs apart. The effect is one of awareness and outreach. Compromise is learned and we seek out qualities in others that we lack within ourselves.

trine symbolTRINE:

Two planets that are 120 degrees from one another or four signs apart. The effect is idealism and inspiration. A flow and ease of expression in respect to the planets involved is seen within the individual.

sextile symbolSEXTILE:
Two planets that are 60 degrees from one another or two signs apart. The sextile always indicates opportunity or a natural apptitude that requires development