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Astrology Patterns

The Patterns in the Heavens

Astrology Patterns - Splash THE SPLASH

Easy to recognize, planets should occupy as many signs as possible. Splash people show universal interest and a strong urge for knowledge. At worst, their behavior reveals a scattered energy.

Astrology Patterns - Bundle THE BUNDLE

This Is the rarest planetary grouping. It consists of a close grouping of all the planets within very few houses. It’s a clear indicator of a specialist. There is preoccupation with living and thinking in depth. Often academic pursuits.

Astrology Patterns - Locomotive THE LOCOMOTIVE

One planet leads the other clockwise around the wheel and they are spaced at varying intervals as train cars in a line. These people apply drive to problems and possess great pools of energy. The planet leading the group and it’s house position are extremely important.

Astrology Patterns - Bowl THE BOWL

The bowel type indicates that all planets occupy one hemisphere or the other. These people seem to be self-contained and experience junkies! The leading planet will indicate areas of concentration and articles of behavior.

Astrology Patterns - Bucket THE BUCKET

Nine planets fill one hemisphere of the chart with a singleton planet on the other side. These people direct their efforts to a single purpose. Achievement of objectives is important for psychological well-being. Self-preservation is somewhat lacking.

Astrology Patterns - See-Saw THE SEE-SAW

Five planets in each opposing group across the wheel. This person always considers opposing views and opinions and see life through a contrasting set of windows. Good counselors but poor lawyers unless highly initiating.

Astrology Patterns - Splay THE SPLAY

This one is difficult to define. Small groupings of planets inhabit very few houses around the wheel. This person is an individualist and will not be regimented. This person tends to seek experiences and avoids controls and restrictions of others at all cost.