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Astrology Planets

The Planets in the Heavens

The planets and stars have always fascinated mankind. Throughout the ages, much study and collection of data has accumulated, creating the art/science of Astrology. This information can seem overwhelming! This description will target some of the main themes that recur in the study of astrology that actually play a dominant role in our day-to-day activities and events.

The planets and luminaries are “verbs” in our world. They imply action, lack of action or a state of being. The constellations, or “signs” describe the character of the action, inaction or state of being, and the “houses” indicate the facet of life or the place of the action, inaction or state of being is experienced or perceived. This section of our web site will introduce to you the planets and luminaries as forces in your life that are not nearly as subtle as they seem on first impression.

the sun THE SUN

Illuminator, source of life, the personality. “The Star”.

the moon THE MOON

Mirror, moods, reflection, instinct. Often a child or mother.

mercury MERCURY

Messenger, message, thoughts, letter. The chatty one.

venus VENUS

Love, affection, aesthetics, a woman, a love interest.

mars MARS

Action, anger, drive, energy, a man, a decision.

jupiter JUPITER

Growth, abundance, expansion. Freedom. Good or ill fortune.

saturn SATURN

Fulfillment, restriction, structure. Truth organized. Lessons.

uranus URANUS

Change beyond your control, awakening. The unexpected.

neptune NEPTUNE

The inviable, imagination, intuition. Conscience, inspiration.

pluto PLUTO

Transformation, endings. That which you face alone. Rebirth